Canadian Emerging Artist Charmian Devi Delivers Two Indie-Pop Tracks “Radio Of None” and “No Peace”

Charmian Devi gets downright indie-pop with “Radio Of None” and “No Peace” – both thoughtful, cavernous-sounding lyrical tracks. The Canadian singer-songwriter has previously built her career on soft bedroom pop. With her 2019 releases such as “Karma Cell” and “Scared Like Me,” Charmian Devi introduced herself as a talented writer and composer. When it comes to sound, her debut singles could be described as a mix of Bat for Lashes and Florence and The Machine. Now, Charmian Devi takes a step forward and experiments with her vocal performance and tunes as she delivers well-produced, balanced, and calculated songs. “Radio Of None” and “No Peace,” and polished indie tunes, which are influenced by soul and pop genres, and incorporate live instruments, and great lyricism. Charmian Devi is surely one of the most interesting music discoveries we have had a chance to listen to in the past few months, so make sure to follow her Spotify to stay updated with upcoming releases.