Bride Asks Dad to Walk Her Down Aisle, Tells Him to Leave After

A bride asked her father to walk her down the aisle but leave immediately after doing so, all because the groom doesn’t like her family.

The bride’s mother, who wasn’t even invited to her daughter’s wedding, shared the frustrating family drama on on Reddit.

“My daughter is getting married to her fiancé soon. However none of us … her family [are] invited to the wedding. It’s going to be a large wedding, so I’m surprised we were not invited,” the woman wrote, adding that the bride “didn’t invite either me or my husband.”

“Her rule is that she just wants my husband, her father to walk her down the aisle, and then he leaves. When we asked why, it was because her fiancé doesn’t like us, and she doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable. She made it clear she wants us there, not her fiancé,” the upset mother continued on Reddit.

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In the four years the couple have been together, the bride’s family have only seen the fiancé “a handful of times,” so the woman isn’t sure why her future-son-in-law doesn’t like them.

“When we do see him, he doesn’t talk to us. We initiate conversations but he either does not respond, or changes his answer every visit. When we ask him how he and my daughter met, the answer is different, ask him about himself and the answer always changes. It’s not like he changed his thoughts on something after we saw him, because he denies answering something different. When we asked our daughter about this, she just said it’s how he acts around people he doesn’t know,” she explained.

When her daughter told her that she wasn’t welcome at the wedding, and that her dad could only briefly walk her down the aisle, she told the bride the rule was “ridiculous” and “not fair to either me or her father.”

“I also asked her about the future, how is he gonna act when they have kids. My husband told me it wasn’t necessary to say, and maybe it wasn’t,” the mom concluded.

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Users in the comments supported the concerned mother, with many suggesting she talk to her daughter about her fiancé’s potentially abusive behavior.

“Honestly, your husband should not walk her down the aisle if he isn’t invited to stay. This is very controlling behavior. Tell your daughter you’ll be there for her if he becomes abusive. Don’t cut that help line off, but you’ll have to pull back emotionally. She’s made her choice and you aren’t going to talk her out of this, sadly. If you can, sit her down and explain the situation. Warn her. She’s marrying a very controlling man. Probably emotionally or mentally abusive. If not now, it will start after the wedding. I feel very sorry for her future,” one person wrote.

“He is completely controlling which has a high risk of also leading to being abusive. I wouldn’t bother with telling her anything except that the father will not walk her down the aisle. And there will be no financial support for the wedding, nor a gift. She’s welcome to reach out any time she wants to, but it’s clear that she is OK with starting a new life ‘at a distance’ from her current one,” another person commented.

“Fiancé sounds controlling and wants to underline the separation of the daughter from her old family, and that she now belongs to his family. I would definitely NOT walk daughter down the aisle because by doing so, father would be validating the traditional belief that women are property, approves of the fiancé, and is willingly handing over custody of her to him… Not to mention it’s insulting to expect to someone to hand their daughter over to a man who doesn’t even respect her parents enough to share a meal with them in appreciation of giving her to him,” someone else weighed in.

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