Beloved Ramen Brand to Majorly Change How You Cook Its Noodles

A popular brand of instant ramen noodle soup will get a huge makeover in 2024.

Nissin Foods USA recently announced it will change its Cup Noodles packaging in the early part of the year.

Why Is The Cup Noodles Package Changing?

Cup Noodles are often cooked by adding boiling hot water to their included styrofoam cup. It’s a quick, low-cost meal that is instantly recognizable due to its packaging.

According to CNN, Nissan Foods USA is ready to make a change to be more environmental-friendly. Starting in early 2024, Cup Noodles will come in paper cups instead of styrofoam.

Nissan Foods USA

Nissan Foods USA


“Since its invention more than 50 years ago, Cup Noodles has become a cultural mainstay and a staple in households around the world,” Nissan Foods USA CEO Michael Price said in a press release about the change. “And while Cup noodles will continue to have that same satisfying taste and iconic look, we continue to find ways to evolve the brand to surpport the current needs of our consumers.”

The release also notes the noodles will be able to be cooked in the microwave inside their cup due to using paper over styrofoam.

Noodle Bars and Caffeinated Noodles

The Cup Noodles brand has made headlines in recent months thanks to the company’s creative promotions and marketing campaigns.

In September, Cup Noodles introduced a “noodle bar experience.” Beer drinkers in various cities were offered suggested pairings of Cup Noodles flavors and brews.

CNN also recently reported the company introduced “gamer-friendly” caffeinated noodles in Japan. Those wanting a dose of caffeine can get it in either garlic and black pepper yakisoba noodles or curry noodles.

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