A Hit For The Masses: “New Bag” by DYLI

DYLI is making some massive waves by mingling various genres. From dark-pop to r&b and Hip-Hop, the artist is sure to resonate with many fans.

Perfectly displaying her dominant flow of vocals over an impeccable soundscape, “New Bag” is a radio-ready anthem for the summer. The young rapper is a rising star out of California, and her skills have been shining in the scene for some time now.

The artist behind tracks such as “drugs” and “Cotton Candy,” DYLI gathers mass recognition and tens of thousands of streams. Her New single has definitely set the bar high and become the most compelling track to date for the artist.. After two full-length albums and innumerable singles, DYLI has proved her authenticity and raw energy in music production. As a result, the songwriter has accumulated much acclaim and keeps on striving for higher.

With its mesmerizing vocals and modern production, this new track is a perfect way for DYLI to set her abilities for the world to see.