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It comes with a detailed, step-by-step guide to make it easy even if you’ve never done anything like this before, and this video also shows how to do it. I excerpted this review below, but if you decide you’re serious about making this happen, I recommend reading it in full, too!

You’ll need other supplies in addition to the kit: a scrubbing pad ($2.73), some Ajax ($7.67), TSP Cleaner (2 for $11.38), a bucket ($9.97), #400 ($8.79) or #600 ($9.79) grit wet/dry sandpaper, a lint-free cloth ($8.99), a tack cloth ($7.99), masking tape (6 for $19.98), a drop cloth ($7.49), a paint stir stick (10 for $9.30), a high-quality 2″ soft-bristled paintbrush ($15.48), and lacquer thinner ($13). If you have loose paint and rust, you’ll also need a wire brush ($3.68); if you have mold or mildew, you’ll also need bleach ($7.29 from Amazon Fresh).

Promising review: “I wanted to do something about the ugly ‘almond-colored’ fiberglass bathtub/shower combo fixtures in both bathrooms of my otherwise fully-remodeled bright white (with light gray flooring) recently bought home. Quotes for contractors to come in and do the work at, say, The Home Depot would have run me about $5,000+ for the tubs alone (not including the walls). I finally discovered some refinishing kits online.

The prep work took at least a day or two of my spare time for each tub/shower. You should actually wait well over an hour after mixing the activator in with the base paint; the viscosity of the mixture is so thin and runny that, no matter the verticality of the surface you’re applying it to and how skilled at painting you think you are, you will definitely have a lot of drips throughout the process. It is handy to keep a clean rag to wipe up spills.

After I was all done and could finally pretty much say like the instructions state that I am ‘satisfied with coverage.’ It seems like this finish will last a while and both tubs look beautiful! Every time I take a shower I can just admire how bright and shiny white they look. It’s really satisfying. I probably spent around $175 for three of the kits and all the supplies that I didn’t already have offhand — much better than the many thousands of dollars!” —KJ

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.