17 Useful Products For Anyone Who Plans To Take Their Dog With Them To As Many Places As Possible This Summer

And while it can be used on all dogs, dogs with white or thin coats or light-pigmented noses and eyelids are more at risk for sunburn. Read more about why dogs need sunscreen at American Kennel Club.

Promising review: “This stuff works. I’ve tried several other dog-safe ‘sunscreens,’ but none were effective. My dog has a scar on his snout from before he was rescued off the streets as a puppy, and because he has no fur covering that section, it easily turns pink and blisters and bleeds when he’s in the sun. Plus, my vet was concerned that he could develop skin cancer with all the constant sun exposure. But all of the pet-safe sunscreens I could find didn’t have any ingredients that would actually block UV rays, and all the ones with effective sun-blocking ingredients weren’t pet-safe, so it seemed like a catch-22. 

“It took me a long time to find one that both worked effectively and was safe. This is it! It doesn’t irritate his skin at all. We can go to the beach for a couple of hours, and his skin looks just as good as it did at the beginning of the day, whereas in the past it would have burnt. So glad to have found this product.” —sknappy1

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