12 Seriously Irrelevant Pieces Of Info People Learnt At School That Make No Sense IRL


“Getting the best grades would get you into uni…”

“…That would get you a good job. This would lead to a high salary that you can use to buy a house and ‘live the Australian dream’.”


“[Institutions] pushed it so hard that now everyone fully believes it, everyone goes to uni, everyone gets a degree, and now…everyone has a degree. We’re back to square one, needing a second degree and work experience to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the graduating class that also has degrees. You still won’t find a job because the market is so saturated with people just like you with the same qualification and amount of experience.”


“And what happened to the slackers that never studied and fooled around the whole time? They became plumbers, concreters and electricians and they live in houses four times bigger than mine!”