You Might Be A Visual Genius If You Can Correctly Explain What Is Going On In These 23 Extremely Complicated Photos From This Week

Answers from last week’s post are below. Look out for more confusing perspectives next week and let us know which one stumped you the most this week in the comments!

1. The two wooden boards on the right side of the screen look like they’re levitating because they are screwed into the flat wooden piece above. The board that is furthest to the right wasn’t screwed in and got loose. Whatever is above the metal pillars is holding everything up, thus making it look like the wood pieces are floating. 

2. It is two dogs, the dog on top is turning its head really far to the side so it looks headless.

3. The back leg of the chair is covered by the front leg. If you look really closely at the bottom of the leg in front, you can see it behind.

4. The person on the train has their arms wrapped around a giant penguin pillow, it is not a penguin costume.

5. The semi-truck has nothing attached to it — it is just perfectly parked to align with the building behind it.

6. It is two dogs, you just gotta look real close.

7. The walkway doesn’t lead to a wall, it is the reflection of the window.

8. The shoe is not levitating. It is just the angle.

9. Same as #8 with this vehicle.

10. It is not a giant cat. The cat that appears large is actually sitting on a desk up close, and the other cat is on the ground, lower. The desk blends in perfectly with the floor, so they both look like they are on the same base.

11. This cat is just in someone’s armpit.

12. This dog doesn’t have biceps, it is just laying out straight in a way that makes it look like that from behind. 

13. What you may think is the dog’s eye is actually their paw.

14. It is a CAT.

15. It is not transparent — it is a mirror!