Yann Brassard Released An Extra Groovy Single Without Any Instrumentals But His Mouth – “Overnight”

Following his previous pop releases – two French tracks, “Mission Commando” and “Dangereuse”, Yann Brassard is now back with a brand new release in English, “Overnight.”  His previous releases are kind of groovy and uplifting but “Overnight” is a whole different story – it makes you want to dance and go crazy.
“Overnight” seems not so much a regular release by the artist but a sudden glorious outbreak. On a purely artistic level, it’s a bold experiment in pop craft, a song on which Yann stretches his talents in adventurous new directions – a song entirely recorded by Yann during the lockdown, with every instrument except the drums recorded separately using only his mouth. Whatever Yann is doing, the results are fantastic and we are so excited about what Yann’s next release is going to sound like.

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