Woman Catfished by Her Boyfriend From Their Own Bed

A woman on Reddit was shocked after discovering her boyfriend of two years was catfishing her by pretending to be her online friend.

“I thought something was suspicious when my boyfriend would go to the bathroom, right as my ‘friend’ started to text me. The crazy part? He did it right next to me in bed. If I had just looked over at his screen I could’ve saved myself so much heartache and trauma,” she wrote, explaining her boyriend was pretending to be a girl named Mia.

“What I thought was my best friend giving me relationship advice was my boyfriend secretly gaslighting me,” the traumatized woman continued on Reddit.

She shared that “Mia” would often try to convince her that she owed her boyfriend a threesome. “Mia” also lied about being a sexual assault victim and constantly “tested” the woman’s boundaries.

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Users in the comments offered the woman some support, with many suggesting she leave her boyfriend immediately.

“I am SO sorry this happened to you. please stay safe and very far away from that horrible man,” one person wrote.

“Please say he’s now your ex boyfriend,” another commented.

“Wait, This person would try and tell you stupid s–t, like convincing you you owe your boyfriend a threesome, gaslighting you, literally talking s–t to your face, and you never blocked her?” someone else questioned.

In a comment, the original poster shared more context about her relationship with “Mia.”

“You had to be there, everything she convinced me of was a slow process and she was always nice and inviting about it. She made me think a threesome would be the solution to his retroactive jealousy, and that I owed it to him to ‘help’ him,” the woman shared.

“[Of course] she would always take my boyfriend’s side in every disagreement, even in a verbal abuse situation, and after that I stopped coming to her about my problems. Most of this was a sick sexual fantasy, so it wasn’t all about our relationship,” she added.

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