Woman Called out for Talking to Another Guy by Boyfriend

A woman on Reddit has been called out by her boyfriend for having secrets.

In her post, the 19-year-old female shared that she was on a trip to China with her 21-year-old boyfriend. However, she met another guy on the trip, and they began to talk.

“I (19F) is currently on a trip in China with my boyfriend (21M). On our last day, my boyfriend went to see his brother and he told me i should do the laundry in our hotel, which i did. While doing the laundry, a Chinese boy come talk to me and we start to talk about our studies, countries ect while doing our own thing.He told me how excited he was to meet a foreigner and we talk for 45min approximately and it’s pretty late around 2 AM,” she shared.

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She goes on to say that she didn’t tell her boyfriend about her time talking to the other guy. And when he found out, the boyfriend was not happy about it.

“However i didn’t tell my boyfriend about it since i didn’t have any connection on my phone and didn’t felt the need to. So when he came he was surprised but nothing much, after going to our hotel room, he start going and telling me that i am selfish and that im a traitor (he was not mad while saying this). We are both in love and have a super good relationship, so i told him it’s was manipulative and he told me to ask ppl on Reedit so,” she continued.

“Maybe the time could influence his behavior but when he came the guy start to talk to him as well and i told him i have a bf,” the woman concluded.

People in the comments section agreed that she was not in the wrong for having a conversation with the other man.

“You were just having a conversation with a rando for 45m. That’s nothing crazy,” one person said.

“You shouldn’t have to tell a person about every conversation you have,” another person commented.

“NTA. So, he saw you were talking to a guy and called you a traitor? Yikes. Sounds like you already know it was manipulative, trust your instincts. You don’t need reddit,” a separate comment read.

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