Woman Allows Teen Daughter to Sneak Out for ‘Experience’

A woman is opening up about allowing her daughter to have the experience of sneaking out.

Taking to Reddit, the woman shared that her daughter is currently 17-years-old, but turns 18 in a couple months. She shared that her daughter came to her and asked if she could have the experience of sneaking out.

“My daughter turns 18 in a couple of months. She came to me and asked if she could have the experience of sneaking out. She told me who she would be with, what she would be doing and when. I said yes. I did not tell my husband, her stepdad,” the woman says in her post.

However, her stepdad found out and became upset and wants to punish the daughter for sneaking out.

“Well she didn’t put her screen back on the window. When my husband noticed he came to talk to me about it. I told him that I gave her permission to sneak out. He wants to punish her. I said no because I gave her permission. He is really upset and it looks like this is going to ruin Thanksgiving,” the woman continued.

She did go on to share that her daughter is an excellent student and has all A’s.

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People in the comments section agreed that the mother was not in the wrong for letting her daughter sneak out since she asked for permission.

“NTA and what an amazing duo! She wanted a different experience, and she asked for it… The fact that she messed up, shows only one thing, she didn’t do that before, she made mistakes that she wouldn’t do if it wasn’t the first time,” one person said.

“Your husband needs to chill the fuck out and let her be,” read another comment.

“Stepfather shouldn’t really punish her for something you gave her permission to do. Though it isn’t sneaking out if you have permission. She just visited a friend,” another person commented.

“Your husband needs a horse sized chill pill asap. He’s her stepdad and she’s almost an adult. It’s not that deep. Perhaps he’s projecting something onto this situation,” someone else said.

The woman gave an update on the post and shared that the stepdad is no longer angry.

“He has calmed down now. He no longer wants to punish her. But his feelings are hurt,” she said.

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