Why People Are Suddenly Storing Toilet Paper in Their Fridge

Apparently the bathroom isn’t the only place you’ll find toilet paper in some homes.

People have started adding toilet paper as a staple item in their refrigerator, but it has nothing to do with cleaning up messes.

Why Are People Putting Toiler Paper In Their Refrigerator?

Baking soda has long been thought to have odor absorbent qualities, sucking up nasty smells from forgotten leftovers in the back of the fridge.

According to Reader’s Digest, people are starting to turn to toilet paper instead of using an open box of baking soda.

The idea is toilet paper’s absorbent ability will help remove odor from the inside of the fridge.

Reader’s Digest  says unpleasant odors often begin with moisture and mildew inside the refrigerator. The toilet paper will also take in any moisture that is hanging out among your food items.

Smart Fox Life Hacks on TikTok says placing rolls of toilet paper in the refrigerator is common practice in the hotel industry. They suggest replacing the roll of toilet paper every three to four weeks.

Does Putting Toilet Paper In Your Fridge Actually Work?

Reader’s Digest did some investigating. While there are several social media posts claiming the method is 100% effective, Reader’s Digest found mixed results.

One blogger told the website that the hack is just a temporary fix, and that it only “somewhat” worked.

The DIY Mommy suggests using a different type of paper in smelly refrigerators – newspaper.

The TikToker and do-it-yourself expert recently shared a video documenting how her family were left with a horrific-smelling fridge in a now-vacated rental property.

Several hours of bleaching and cleaning would not combat the smell. Instead, it was newspaper that got the job done.

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