What Is the ‘Sad Beige Mom’ Christmas Tree?

A mom on TikTok went viral and received backlash for repainting her child’s Christmas tree toy, sparking a conversation on social media about the “sad beige” trend.

On Dec. 1, Nattie, a.k.a. TikTok user @nattiejopo, uploaded a video of her repainting her child’s colorful Christmas tree toy in neutral colors, transforming the bright green tree into a sage green base, the bright yellow star topper into a dull metallic gold star and the colorful ornaments into gray and brown balls to give the tree some “organic modern vibes.”

“Go ahead and call me crazy or a sad beige mom for what I’m about to do,” Nattie says in the video before starting the DIY project, adding that her toddler is a “neutral girlie” at heart.

Watch below:

Nattie’s Christmas tree video has since gone viral with over 7 million views. She’s also received dozens of comments calling her out for being a supposed “sad beige mom” and for making her child’s toy neutral by toning down the bright colors.

“A sad beige Christmas for a sad beige baby,” one viewer commented.

“Stunt your child’s development by turning anything colorful into a sad beige,” another wrote.

“It’s got the winter spirit … cold and lifeless,” someone else joked.

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Nattie’s video went so viral that other users shared their own parodies of her controversial Christmas tree video.

In one skit video, a TikTok user jokingly pretends to spray paint her child’s colorful gifts from family members beige and refuses to allow any color in her home.

Another TikTok user satirizes the “sad beige mom Christmas tree” video by going to Target and only picking up items from the “olive and beige collection” as well as a “marble, brutalist Christmas tree.”

Since some items in the store may be brightly colored, she also suggests wearing sunglasses while shopping.

What Is a “Sad Beige Mom”?

According to In The Know, “sad beige” refers to an “ultra-minimalist aesthetic that many moms seem to be gravitating towards, dressing their kids up in muted tones, giving them colorless wooden toys to play with, and photographing them only against a background of, well, sad beige things.”

The phrase was coined by comedian and TikTok star Hayley DeRoche around 2021, according to Know Your Meme.

After going viral and receiving backlash for her Christmas tree toy DIY, Nattie jokingly embraced the “sad beige mom” title.

In one follow-up video filmed in response to a negative comment, Nattie showed off the more colorful baby toys in her house.

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