Watch “Mueve Eso” In Anticipation Of Luigui Bleand’s Upcoming Album

World-class musician and producer Luigui Bleand continues his successful streak of singles with “Mueve Eso”, a strong collab with Dominica’s own La Perversa. Bleand demonstrates his masterful rapping technique alongside beat mixing and the overall piece comes alive in a vibrant ensemble of sounds and rhythms. Check out the song down below!

As both a music producer and a business executive himself, Luigui Bleand has founded Harley Boys Entertainment, his very own record label, which caters to musicians and artists all across the Americas. Rising to prominence through his work as a music producer for Sony Music, (to which he is signed to date), Bleand is perhaps best known for hits like “Te Freno”, “Humolandia”, “La Maquinita” ft. Nfasis and “Gomelo” with millions of streams and plays.

Luigui Bleand is eager to drop his consecutive album that has been in the works for some time now. “CopaCabana”, a song off the collection, is scheduled for release sometime in February!