Wanna Scream About COVID-19? This Scientific Test Encourages It

There is a potential new way to analyze COVID-19 particles and it’s through your screams.

While scientists are attempting to develop new and less invasive COVID-19 tests like through urine or saliva, one Dutch scientist is attempting to develop a coronavirus test through a “scream test.”

Peter Van Wees is currently in the trial stages of his potential COVID-19 test. He set up his testing chamber near a coronavirus testing facility to have people that were also tested inside through traditional and proven methods so that he could compare the results to his test’s results.

Subjects are placed into a sterile airlocked cabin where they have to scream at the top of their lungs. The process takes about three minutes to complete. According to some of its participants, it can be quite therapeutic and even fun.

“If you have coronavirus and are infectious and yelling and screaming you are spreading tens of thousands of particles which contain coronavirus,” Van Wees told Reuters.

Van Wees explained that some small particles of the virus may be on a person’s clothes or body, but the virus itself appears as a cluster.

Watch participants take part in the test, below.

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