Vivan Lal Is A Humble Prodigy | No Better Love

Singer-songwriter and Hip-Hop/R&B artist Vivan Lal is undeniably one of the best kinds of artists, one that pairs humility with a limitless talent, something most major artists have. He just released his debut EP titled No Better Love, home to a magnificent collection of 5 songs, each displaying his immense potential a little more than the other. He is just unmatchable, charismatic, and very smooth with his simple yet very efficient approach to music, melodic constructions, and lyrics. No Better Love is mainly about love, a topic Vivan Lal addresses with a pure heart, a strong intuition, and a refreshing outlook. A mix between urban-pop, R&B, and even Hip-Hop, No Better Love can reach almost all kinds of listeners thanks to its universal messages and easy listening experience, and we expect major opportunities to open-up for Vivan Lal in 2020.