Vincent Poag Loads New Album Masquerade With Substantial Food For Thought

NYC-based singer-songwriter Vincent Poag has released his new album Masquerade. In just twelve songs, Vincent Poag has successfully managed to offer substantial food for thought for anyone who’ll come across this magnificent tracklist. 

In a recent interview with Honk Magazine, Poag has given us some clues about the inspiration behind some of the album’s songs: 

“Some are prompted by feelings, others by events. In the last two years we had challenges to our country’s freedoms, a presidential election, and an insurrection, all amidst a worldwide pandemic which closed down and changed all of our lives.  Talk about food for thought…Thus the songs “America”, “La La” and “How Lucky Am I.” “America” is a love song for our great country which I felt had lost its way. “La La” is a satirical, perhaps ironic, look at life as well as the heroes through this pandemic. “How Lucky Am I” is just about appreciation of being alive.”

Born and raised in Massapequa, Long Island, Vincent Poag was born in the 50’s, and was exposed to the Broadway musical era, seeing singers like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley which heavily inspired him into becoming a singer-songwriter himself. But it’s Bob Dylan who inspired him the most. 

Packed with transportative melodies and impactful lyrics, his new album is proof that Poag is part of this rare breed of artists who are in tune with the times and bring an essential viewpoint of some of the world’s most important current events.