Video Premiere: Muted Color – “sudden change”

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Photo provided by Fever Ltd.

Chicago shoegaze quintet Muted Color have been blending hazy dreamlike atmospheres with the darker wistful tones of post punk since 2018. With each release, the band have gradually grown more confident and commanding as they craft new yet familiar doleful dreampop soundscapes that bring to mind bands like Keep and Soft Blue Shimmer. In 2022, the band released two of their best songs yet, “Radial” and “Psuedoshine” through the LA based label Fever Ltd run by Kamtin Mohager of Heavenward. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Zac Montez (Cloakroom, Keep, Trauma Ray), the singles contained big sweeping choruses and bright searching melodies atop measured vocals.

Their newest single “sudden change” filters 80’s jangle pop through the rosy veneer of modern shoegaze and we’re excited to share the exclusive video premiere along with an interview with the band below. 

What made you choose “sudden change” as the first single off your upcoming debut album take i lovely you

It was one of the first “new” ideas we came up with when we were randomly jamming together one day. The melody just got stuck in our heads and it was the unintentional start of a newer sound and direction for us. The song came together in the sort of way we typically write or jam new ideas, but something clicked as a group when we put together the main hooks and melodies. We were so used to writing within a certain style or comfort zone, so the song was an inadvertent attempt at breaking out of that in both an intentional/not-intentional way, which made it feel new and exciting for us. 

This is the first music video you’ve released that really centers around you guys as a band without live footage. What was the creative idea behind the making of the video?

I think we wanted to focus more on a concept that was centered around aesthetics, but also not be too serious in the process. We woke up at 4am to catch the sunrise at Lake Michigan and then just hung out for the rest of the day. Blending visuals and cuts to the movement of the song felt like something we’d want to watch, so we aimed for that. 

What is something you wanted to explore more of as artists with this song in particular? 

We definitely explored being more open and fluid in our writing as opposed to staying too much within a sound, or trying to push too hard. Things feel simpler while not trying to be too intentional and that was not really our approach before, but we embraced it. 

What can listeners expect from the upcoming album? 

We had the most fun we’ve ever had writing and recording a record. There were a range of weird instances and emotions/chaos that occurred while recording and it feels like those sort of found their way into the album, which is cool. Listeners can expect hints from our old sound of course, but everything feels more connected and raw at the same time. 

What is the message behind “sudden change”?

Lyrically it’s just about wanting to feel better than I do at the moment. If happiness is a state of mind or a choice then I would choose it every time and I think everyone would, but a lot of people talk about not feeling good mentally, thinking it will change someday and we won’t even realize it and I just hope it does.

Muted Color’s upcoming debut album take i lovely you is available July 5th, 2024 via Fever Ltd.

Loan Pham | @x_loanp

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