Unwanted Hair, Pesky Zits, And Sweaty Pits — 36 Things That’ll Help Solve These Semi-Embarrassing Body Issues And More

Intimate Rose is a small biz creating wellness products, like dilators, weights, supplements, and more that help treat issues and pain related to the pelvic floor. 

Promising review: “Since starting, my bladder control has significantly improved. I am now able to sneeze or cough without peeing myself. Yes, that’s right. I am able to hold my pee longer, which means I can actually make it to the bathroom without dribbling on myself. The best part is that just a few short weeks into the program you will have results you can feel. I think every woman who has ever had kids should try this, out. The overall quality of my life has improved. Ditch your panty liners, stop the embarrassing dribbles, no more dashes to the restroom because of a weak bladder. Even my sex life has improved; I have control of those pelvic muscles now. Just remember to wash the weights before and after each use with an antibacterial spray, and allow time to air dry before putting them away. I say air dry because if you wipe them dry with a cloth you run the risk of giving yourself a bladder infection or urinary tract infection, and those are no laughing matter. Easy to use, easy to clean, stores away quickly.” —Lady Tauber

Get a set of six weights from Amazon for $49.99 (also available as a set of two).