Try To Not “Bounce That Ass” Under JGOTITT’s New Release

When music makes your soul move, it’s beautiful. When it manages to also make your body move, it becomes awesome. The hip-hop’s new monster mastermind JGOTITT proves hip-hop is still capable of moving you in oh so many ways. Only looking at the girls in the music video for the artist’s new release “Bounce That Ass,” it becomes clear that the new urban phenomenon JGOTITT is definitely capable of spreading some catchy vibes. Try not to bounce that ass when he raps, and the beautiful ladies show off and twerk their asses on your face from the high-quality production visuals for the track. 

The artist’s confidence and appearance indicate he already positions himself as a serious player in the hip-hop industry and demands an approach to his music according to that. The release of “Bounce That Ass” is professional in each and every detail, making it something the industry enthusiasts look forward to seeing more.