Tiktoker Claims Disney Cruise Line Illegally Used a Photo of Her

“Disney is currently illegally using my face,” a new viral TikTok claims.

Teenager Riley Shaw posted a video with her storytime which included the claim that Disney Cruise Line was using a photo of her in an ad. The clip about her allegation reached over 3 million views. Although she and her brother did model and act for companies, later including Disney, she alleged that the company used a photo of her without her consent in the cruise line’s dolphin excursion page.

Back in 2015, she and her family vacationed on a non-Disney cruise line that went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where she and her family did a swimming with dolphins experience. The package included a photos from a professional photographer on staff, before their experience they asked each person to sign a media release form, Shaw explained that she refused to do so because of her modeling career.

“In the acting world, you’re told not to sign those,” she shared. “Because a lot of brands will wanna do exclusive contracts, and if you’re in another brand’s ad, even if it was unpaid, they don’t want to work with you.”

Just three years later, the Shaw family returned to the exact same resort and saw a photo of her and her brother swimming with the dolphins from their first experience there. Her mother called the resort, they apparently responded, “It’s Mexico, what are you going to do, sue us?”

“Fast forward to 2023, apparently now Puerto Vallarta is a stop for Disney cruises,” she said. Her aunt sent a screenshot of the Disney Cruise Line dolphin swim experience website page to the family group chat. The photo on the page was of Riley, her aunt, grandpa and cousin swimming with the dolphins from their non-Disney 2015 trip. While the three other family members signed the waivers, Riley did not.

“I’m screaming I’ve literally seen this photo,” one TikTok user commented on the video. On Oct. 16, viewers pointed out that the photo on the dolphin swim page has been removed and replaced with a new photo, not of the Shaw family.

Watch the TikTok, below.

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