These Coveted Headphones Are An Audiophile’s Dream — And They’re $100 Off Today

But even knowing of the legendary features in advance, I was unprepared for how good the brand’s active noise-canceling technology really is, and exactly how comfortable these cushion-y headphones are to wear. It was actually pretty shocking! Not only does the top-of-the-line ANC completely and immediately eliminate everything from banging construction noise to the hum of appliances (I cannot wait to drown out the noise on an airplane!), but I can wear these headphones for hours and remain completely unbothered by friction or pressure on my ears. They are markedly more comfortable than any earbuds I’ve ever worn.

Right now, just in time for summer travel or for gifting moms, dads, and grads, Bose’s newer-model QuietComfort headphones are 29% off, saving you a whopping $100.

Worth it? I’d say yes. These are an audiophile’s dream, with Bose’s well-known and exacting audio quality, plus the ability to make EQ adjustments to your preference in the free Bose app. You can also choose your level of noise-cancelation: Block out everything with Quiet Mode or still hear critical things happening around you with Aware Mode. There’s even a Wind Block feature to help you hear and communicate in gusty environments.

Designed for all-day use, these also allow you to seamlessly take and make clear calls, and they offer up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge — perfect for travelers, commuters and multitaskers. They come with a zippered case and charging cord, plus one more thoughtful feature: Though wireless via Bluetooth, they also come with an audio cable for times you prefer to be — or need to be, in the case of many airplane entertainment systems — plugged in. (Bose also offers an airline adapter for remaining wireless, and it fits in the carrying case.)