The Water Bottle Trick Criminals May Use to Distract You

Whether this warning that makes the annual rounds on social media and the internet involving car thieves using water bottles to distract us is totally legit or not isn’t really the point now. It’s out there where even carjackers may be thinking, “Oh that’s a great idea.”

Plus it’s a great warning to always be alert, especially during the holiday season, at night, in a very crowded parking lot where it’s easy to get distracted, or that secluded parking garage.

Here’s how it works.




According to YouTube channel Bright Side, after scouting the area, the bad guy will put an empty water bottle in the passenger side wheel well of a car, usually the back tire near the top hidden back a bit, then sit in wait.

When you get to your car, like most of us, you’re most likely just going about a daily routine looking at your phone or putting groceries in the backseat or trunk. Now it’s time to head home or continue your errands.

Jolana Miller Townsquare Media

Jolana Miller Townsquare Media


You start your car and start to drive away when you suddenly hear a loud pop and crunch that’s definitely not routine. That would jolt anyone to stop and wonder what’s going on.

So, the hope by the thief or thieves lying in wait according to Bright Side is that you’ll pull over and leave your car running while you jump out to take a quick look around your car and the immediate area.

That’s when a carjacker will jump into your car and take off or the criminal will quickly reach into your car and grab your handbag, phone, or any valuables sitting out.

No matter what, it’s always best to be aware of your surroundings for your own safety, water bottle or not.

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