The Baby From ‘Good Luck Charlie’ Is Now in High School

Prepare to feel ancient because the adorable baby from Disney Channel‘s Good Luck Charlie is now officially a high schooler.

Mia Talerico, who played Charlie Duncan in four seasons of the popular kids’ TV show and in the Christmas movie, posted a first-day-of-school photo on Wednesday, Aug. 23, that left fans feeling seriously old.

“She’s so big! Mia, you’re beautiful!” Leigh-Allyn Baker, who played Charlie’s mom Amy Duncan on the show, commented.

“We have been preparing you for this moment your entire life bookie !! GOOD LUCKKKK !!” one fan commented.

“Have a great school year and most importantly good luck Charlie,” another fan wrote, referencing the iconic line that concluded all of the video diaries in the show.

“Wait she’s already in high school now omg I feel so old right now and I’m only 19,” someone else said in the comments.

“Casting in Good Luck Charlie was SO GOOD. Like she looks so much like Teddy/ Bridgit Mendler it’s crazy,” someone wrote in the comments.

“Y’all lying if she fr in hs. Ain’t no WAY. Good thing u got them video diaries from Teddy,” someone else joked.

Actor and singer Bridgit Mendler played Charlie’s older sister Teddy on the show, who makes video diaries of advice for her little sister.

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Good Luck Charlie premiered on Disney Channel in April 2010, and began when Talerico was only 11 months old. It followed the Duncan family as they adjusted to having a new baby in the house. The family show went on to run for four total seasons, ending in 2014 after adding another baby named Toby to the mix.

Since then, Talerico has continued acting in television, including a role in the series Mani and a role in the series Conrad.

She also reunited via Zoom with her Good Luck Charlie co-stars to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the show in 2020 for Entertainment Tonight.

“I probably had a really easy role ’cause I just got told most of my lines or didn’t have any. I think it was really easy because most of the time, it was what happened. We just rolled with it, like, in the crawling scene, I just stood up, so we just went with it,” Talerico said at the time.

As for a future reboot of the series, Talerico suggested, “I always felt like if we did do one, where I found Bridgit’s video diaries – that’s what I was always thinking, if that did happen.”

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