Teen Pepper Sprays Mom’s Boyfriend After He Enters Her Bedroom

A teen took drastic action after her mom’s “creepy” boyfriend, who recently moved in with them, walked in on her while she was changing in her bedroom.

“He is unemployed, so he has been ‘helping’ around the house. Including doing my laundry, which I have told him repeatedly not to touch. I keep my dirty clothes in my hamper in my room,” she wrote on Reddit.

Recently, the 18-year-old was “changing” her clothes to meet up with some friends when the man barged into her bedroom “with knocking or asking permission.”

“I pepper sprayed him right in the face like I have been instructed. Then I dragged him out of my room and screamed at him to never come into my room or my sister’s room ever again or I would call my father to deal with him,” the girl continued.

However, her mom was furious, telling her she “overreacted” and demanding she apologize.

The teen told her mom that she should be able to put a lock on her and her younger sister’s doors, and informed her that if her boyfriend ever entered her room again, she would inform her dad.

“My dad has often joked with me that he wouldn’t kill someone who hurt me. That [instead] he would use everything he learned in the military to keep them alive as long as possible. He was never abusive towards my mom or my sister but he did do time for violent felonies,” she concluded.

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Users applauded the teen in the comments, with many suggesting she inform her dad immediately.

“He got exactly what he deserved,” one person wrote.

“Your mom’s selfish to let her mistakes become potential tragedies for her children. Be careful though. Now he knows you have pepper spray. If he even looks like he’s psyching himself up to do something you call your dad,” another commented.

“This is a super scary situation that this creep is living with two teenage girls, action needs to be taken now,” someone else chimed in.

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