Teen Cancels Birthday After Dad Cuts Cake for Spoiled Sister

A teen on Reddit was devastated and angry after their dad sneakily cut a ‘huge piece’ of their birthday cake for their spoiled 11-year-old sister the night before their birthday party.

“My sister is the miracle golden child. She always gets what she wants whenever she wants. My parents are always trying to please her and make her happy. They always make a big effort on her birthday and do whatever that she asks for but they can barely remember mine and they are always conveniently ‘broke.’ This year I wanted to enjoy my birthday so I babysat and even mowed lawns to make this possible,” the teen shared.

“My birthday was a few days ago and the party was scheduled for the day after. I have been planning for weeks and invited all my friends. I bought the food, snacks and drinks and picked up my custom made cake which I was really excited about, it was just perfect,” they continued on Reddit.

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The night before the big party, the teen noticed that a “huge slice” was missing from the cake they bought.

“When I asked my dad, he shrugged and nonchalantly said that my sister was crying for it and it was just a small piece, my friends wouldn’t notice. I yelled at him asking him why he would do something like that when it wasn’t even bought with his money and that my sister could have waited for tomorrow,” they explained.

The teen’s dad became angry and called their party “stupid.”

“I ended up calling it off because I was not able to change the location last minute as I didn’t have the means to and I was so hurt, I didn’t want to host it at home anymore. One of my friends told me that calling it off was an overreaction and that I could have just grit my teeth and gone through with doing it at home rather than canceling just hours before,” the frustrated teen concluded.

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Users in the comments section rallied behind the teen and slammed their dad.

“Next year see if you can have your party at someone else’s house. Don’t invite your family. Next time something like this happens, just show the cake the way it is. Let people ask and let your parents answer,” one person wrote.

“Next year, you take care of you and let your friends lavish you with the love and gratitude that you’ve missed out on. Your dad and mom have created a monster in your sister. At 11, she totally knew she was being a petulant child. Veruca Salt vibes,” another chimed in.

“Honestly, hosting the party as is, and showing the cake as is, and explaining to everyone only reflects badly on your parents. You could have even acted surprised in front of everyone. There are going to be many more conflicts like this. Showing your parents behavior to as many people as possible is going to make your life easier,” someone else advised.

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