Taylor Swift Mural in Australia Getting Mixed Reviews

A mural celebrating Taylor Swift’s recent shows in Australia is getting some rather cruel comments regarding the depiction of the pop singer.

Why Is There A Taylor Swift Mural In Australia?

Swift’s Eras Tour found its way to Australia last week. Next up is a run of four shows at Accor Stadium in Sydney.

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

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Earlier today, Australian artist Scottie Marsh shared a photo on Instagram that showed a mural of Swift painted on the outer wall of a gelato shop in Sydney.

“Tay Tay fever,” Marsh wrote in the post.

Marsh has previously made large outdoor paintings of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, UFC fighter Alexander Volkanovski  and various political figures. He did not provide a reason for the creation of the Swift mural.

Harsh Comments About The Taylor Swift Mural

While there is clearly excitement around the Eras Tour being in Sydney (there are four shows. after all), the same can’t be said about locals’ reaction to the mural.

“The chin and the nose! I thought it was Trump!” Chantell Keating commented on Marsh’s photo.


The @sydney_explained Instagram account, which has 34,000 followers, highlights Sydney architecture, history and culture. The account asked its followers for their thoughts on the Swift mural. It went about how you’d expect.

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“It looks like my cat ate a rainbow lorikeet and then threw up on the wall,” Instagram user Steve Ryan wrote in the comment section.

A few Swift fans hopped in the comments to defend the public art.

“The hateful comments on this post are next level,” Belinda Murphy commented. “Have a lovely day everyone, I’m sure an innocent mural of a pop star isn’t going to ruin it for you.”

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