Taylor Swift Met Travis Kelce’s Family Before Chief’s Game

Taylor Swift is getting to know Travis Kelce‘s family.

The “Blank Space” songstress reportedly met Kelce’s family before the Sept. 24 Chief’s game, according to The Daily Mail.

In a video obtained by the publication, Swift can be seen walking on the sidewalk near Kelce’s $1 million mansion before she and his family boarded a party bus to take them to the game.

A source told the publication that there is always a party bus that takes Kelce’s family and guests to every home game. However, Kelce was not there when Swift was spotted with his family.

“Travis wasn’t at his house, but it was filled with his friends and family. He has a personal chief and several friends from high school and college who use his place as a crash pad whenever they are in town,” the source said.

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The Daily Mail goes on to say that Swift arrived earlier in the day and was escorted by her security detail to Kelce’s house and mingled with everyone for an hour before the group took off to head to the game.

During the game, Swift was spotted sitting by Kelce’s mom where she wore the team’s signature color and cheering for Kelce’s team.

Kelce’s team won the game and afterward, he and Swift were spotted leaving the field together in his car.

Reports of Swift and Kelce seeing each other surfaced earlier this month. At the time, The Messenger said that: “Taylor and Travis have been quietly hanging out.” The publication then went on to state that the pair saw each other a few weeks prior in New York City.

Neither Kelce, nor Swift have officially confirmed the dating rumors as of reporting.

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