Taylor Swift Fan Sells Friend’s Expensive Eras Tour Ticket

This Taylor Swift fan is fed up with her friend who claimed she would pay the fan back for the price of her expensive Eras Tour ticket.

In Reddit‘s Am I The A–hole forum, the fan explained her predicament, detailing how she bought two London Eras Tour tickets in July for 300 pounds each (about $376) after spending hours online trying to nab them.

“My friend was excited and said she would pay me back the money she owed me, which we agreed she could do over three months as I knew how much we spent was a fair amount. Going by this, my friend should have sent me her final payment in October,” the fan explained.

However, the friend has yet to pay for her portion of the tickets and keeps putting it off with “excuses,” leaving the fan “frustrated.”

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“I feel petty complaining and constantly asking her for the rest of the money as she has already sent me 2/3rds of what she owes me, but the remaining payment is a fair sum that I’m needing soon,” the fan continued.

The fan revealed that they are in the middle of moving, which is why the extra cash would come in handy.

After asking again for the money, the friend replied that she would pay it next month.

“I have been hearing [that] constantly since October,” the fan complained.

So instead, the fan took a different approach.

“I told her not to bother, and that I was going to sell the ticket to one of my other friends who wasn’t able to get one of her own, and that I would send her back the money she had already paid to me, since the ticket is in my account,” they said.

The friend got angry and said the move was “rude and uncalled for” and called the fan “an a–hole.”

However, the fan had another friend lined up who was able to pay for the ticket right away. The fan also noted that the first friend “is financially in a place where she can pay me back as she makes a fair wage each month.”

Now, the two are no longer friends, according to the post.

“She has now blocked me on everything and blocked my number. I told the other friend she could buy the ticket and she has already sent me the money and began to make travel and hotel plans with me. I‘m going to send (ex)friend her money back and then be done with this whole situation,” they concluded.

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