Speaker Face Marry Hustle and Float With "Work Friends" (premiere)

Based in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Speaker Face feature members of the JUNO award-winning band the Fretless (Trent Freeman, Eric Wright) and marry classic, organic sounds with electronics for a combination that is simply otherworldly. The pair are joined by Ruby Randall.

This combination is on display via the group’s new track, “Work Friends”, a meditation on our public and private selves, a somewhat elliptical statement buoyed by a simple hook that creates a deeply meditative atmosphere. It is equal parts realization and prayer, a glimpse into the anonymity that comes with joining the masses.

Freeman says, “‘Work Friends’ speaks to the masks we wear in the workplace. Forced relationships playing out in environments unnaturally curated to make us our most productive. This track is a covert dance party for the freak hiding behind a tightly buttoned shirt and uncomfortable shoes. It reminds us of the people that know us deeper than our job.