Song Premiere: Sailor Down – “Vacation (Forgive Me Evan)”

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Sailor Down’s first two EPs are the kind of records that land just as well over early morning caffeine as they do late night alcohol. Judging purely by the title, their upcoming EP Maybe We Should Call It A Night will likely explore similar corners of the day-to-day. Judging by the first single, “Vacation (Forgive Me Evan),” Sailor Down is also going to expand that exploration, as bandleader Chloe Deeley’s jagged guitar lines are joined by some open, jazzy drums and keys that weave themselves into the different open spaces left in the track.

Deeley’s lyrics have always been a strength of the Sailor Down tunes, and the casually Lynchian “tell me how you picture time / if it’s linear I don’t mind” sticks out particularly here. On the track, Deeley said:

“The process of writing “Vacation” was different from that of every other song I’ve written- for one, it was written collaboratively, with Nat (our drummer and recording engineer) in his parents’ basement studio. I had brought a couple of riffs that I was working on earlier that day, and we worked together on the structure. On my drive home that night, I wrote the lyrics over our demo track, which was a novel experience for me. The lyrics are mostly about the nervousness when you’re about to enter a new relationship, when it feels like you’re on the diving board but haven’t quite jumped off yet. It kind of feels like a bottle episode, written in one day about that very day.”

Maybe We Should Call It A Night is out 8/16 with tapes available through Relief Map Records.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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