“Shake” Off Negativity With Ayri’s Passionate New Release

Latin Pop Diva Ayri’s new single, “Shake,” is a captivating and uplifting track that invokes positivity, movement, and passion. In a recent interview, the fast-rising artist revealed that the inspiration behind the song was to create a carefree experience where listeners could let go of their emotions by moving and shaking to the music. The title has a seductive undertone, urging people to move to the rhythm and let themselves be swept away by the song’s central theme of love and passion.

Ayri’s experiences in different cultures have also shaped her music, particularly Latin culture and music. The energy and passion of Latin music, combined with inspiration from the natural world, make it an irresistible source of joy and creativity. 

Working with multi-platinum producer Val Coleman and at the Grammy Award-winning A2F Studios in Miami has been a unique and effective production experience for Ayri. She believes that maintaining positivity and joy through her music is crucial and aims to send a positive message to her audience.

Her upcoming album promises to deliver fresh beats that excite and inspire, fusing different musical styles with new instruments to maintain authenticity. She draws inspiration from artists like Rihanna and Selena Gomez for their authenticity, experimentation, and pure energy on stage.

With “Shake” Ayri’s goals was to create an irresistible “love cocktail” that blends dance, passion, and fun. She hopes listeners will feel seductive and positive when they listen to the song and take away the message of letting go of negative emotions and embracing positivity.

Listen to “Shake” below:

Watch the music video here: