‘Selfish’ Woman Refuses to Wear Dress to Mom’s Wedding

A woman is fuming because her daughter won’t wear a dress to her upcoming wedding.

During a recent conversation about her mom’s vision for her future wedding, the woman’s “mother made it very clear that she would like her bridesmaids to wear short dresses with floral designs. She immediately looked towards me as she knew I would be against wearing a dress for multiple personal reasons.”

The woman thought her mom would let her wear something she’d be more comfortable in, but she was wrong.

“So I spoke up and said ‘I don’t want to wear a dress.’ She went on to say how it was her dream wedding and that I would essentially ruin the vision. I listed off multiple alternatives such as a pantsuit, tuxedo, anything but a dress. I want to make it clear that I am willing to wear any color, pattern, design, etc., just not something that opens at the bottom like a dress or skirt,” she explained on Reddit.

She wants her mom to be happy at her wedding, but she “cannot shift” her “boundaries” regarding wearing a dress.

“My sister says that I’m stubborn and selfish. She says I should have no problem just wearing a dress for a few hours but I do. My family knows why I have this boundary and I thought they would be more understanding,” the woman concluded.

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In the comments, Reddit users backed the woman, with many offering up alternative solutions.

“There are so many alternatives. You could wear an overskirt over the pantsuit. You could wear those wide-legged flared pants, that give the illusion of being a skirt when your legs are together. It’s sad that she’s not open to even discussing other options,” one person wrote.

“Your mother is not a 10-year-old dreaming of adulthood. She’s a full-fledged adult still unable to approach life realistically. Please don’t get disturbed by her fantasy and expectations about a world revolving around her. Start telling her what she can wear to your wedding,” another chimed in.

“Isn’t the simplest solution for you to not be a bridesmaid? Your mother is entitled to have the wedding she wants, and if you don’t want to conform to the aesthetic she’s chosen, you don’t have to,” someone else commented.

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