Saweetie Channels Her Inner Festival Queen With New 'Backstage With Saweetie' Morphe Collection

Celebrity collaborations with makeup brands have become the norm in the beauty industry, with some even launching their own lines, and Saweetie is the latest to join the mix. The Bay Area rapper has teamed up with Los Angeles-based Morphe Cosmetics for their first-ever partnership with a musician.

Titled “Backstage with Saweetie,” the festival-inspired collection showcases the star’s “Icy Girl” mantra that is all about embracing your sexuality and feeling confident. Out on Mar. 20, the collection includes an Icy Lips trio (featuring three shimmering shades titled Bo$$ Tycoon, Money Mami and 8”), a 24-pan eyeshadow palette with a mix of vibrant and muted colors, a Mini Continuous Setting Mist in the scent Saweet Peach, and the VIP Sweep by Saweetie Face and Eye Brush Kit.

“Saweetie is the perfect artist to launch Morphe’s first-ever global Festival Collection because she really embodies the whole essence of festival culture — where music and amplified glam meet on and off the stage,” Erika Savage, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at Morphe and two-time Billboard Women In Music honoree, tells Billboard.

Savage continues: “Not everyone can get their hands on that expensive festival pass, but with this collection, Saweetie brings them backstage so everyone can get a VIP experience. Saweetie is a hands-on entrepreneur in all aspects of her career and, with her love and knowledge of the beauty business, she has brought her authentic voice to this campaign. We are thrilled to welcome her to the Morphe family.”

With this new partnership, Saweetie hopes to establish herself as more than just a rapper. “The women who I aspire to be have their hands in different industries,” she explains. “So when I’m doing my due diligence in fashion, beauty and music, I’m working towards my goal of being a multi-faceted brand.”

Saweetie speaks to Billboard Style about how she first fell in love with makeup, the process behind creating the lip gloss bundle and her upcoming music.

You’re making Morphe history as their first collaboration with an artist.

I think it’s important for major collaborations like this is that it has to make sense. We immediately clicked because they’re into creative things and diversity. What they were proposing fit into what I’m doing, especially for the summertime. The eyeshadow colors are very festival-friendly, so I thought it would be perfect for my shows that are lined up. [The process] took a couple of months. I think with anything great you can’t rush it, and we wanted this to be super perfect. We sat there and went through colors, decided on names and put together the PR packages. It’s really the ultimate package to get the boys and girls together for festivals this summer.

You previously revealed one of your aunts was a makeup artist. How did she inspire you?

I always wanted to look good! (laughs) And I noticed that the difference between me dressing up [compared to other girls] was that they were putting on makeup and I wasn’t. I was so naive in the beginning — I just thought makeup was mascara. So I was trying to figure out why my aunt’s makeup looked so [flawless] and mine was just some mascara and facial lotion. I quickly learned that it also includes contour, powder, lashes — all that good stuff. I went from not knowing that much to knowing basically everything there is about makeup. But I’m still learning.

Do you remember the first time you wore makeup?

Yes, it was horrible! I used to draw my eyebrows with [a mix of] water and eyeliner, girl. There was no contour, no clean-ups, no fade — just pure eyeliner. I used one liquid foundation, eyeshadow and lip gloss. That was what makeup was to me, because I didn’t know what I was doing. I went away to college [at the University of Southern California] and my auntie was horrified. (laughs) She was like, “What are you doing?” I was a mess.

You’ve become known for your love of lip gloss, and previously shared that you’re coming out with your own line. Why is it such a crucial part of your makeup routine?

I love lip gloss because when you line it the right way and put it on, it just makes your lips look so juicy. I like my lips to look juicy and kissable. I’m super excited for these colors because they have a hint of sparkle. There’s a purple, yellow and pink — they’ll make your festival outfit pop, especially with the eyeshadow palette. The lip gloss I showed in the Vogue interview is just something I’ve been working on my own. It won’t be part of this collection, but they’re just as good as the Morphe lip glosses.

How did you decide on the colors and names for Icy Lips?

I wanted something poppy and vibrant, like the purple one. Then for the other two, they still have a hint of color but they’re also super versatile. They’re a bit more neutral so you can wear them with any outfit that you put on for a festival. [For the name Bo$$ Tycoon], you know all my icy girls are bosses. I’m from the Bay Area, and there’s a really big Mac Dre song called “Boss Tycoon,” which just means that you wear your own sh-t.

Money Mami is named after a clothing line I had in college. Once again, it goes along with the boss concept with women out there getting they’re own money. And to add a little spice to the collection and heat things up, I put 8” because it’s one of the most memorable lines from my song “My Type.” [Begins rapping] “Eight-inch big, ooh!” I thought it was it was so creative to put the inch sign instead of spelling it out.

You’re also the face of the collection’s eyeshadow palette. What makes it so special?

The eyeshadow palette is special because I feel like every festival-goer is unique in their own way. You need to give the consumer options because every outfit is vibrant. We wanted to give the Icy Girl/Morphe consumer something to pick from, which is why it’s so diverse. It still has the neutral colors for the people who ain’t trying to be so loud. But it also has neon colors for those who want to go all out.

I know you’re currently working on new music. Did this process inspire you while in the recording studio?

My everyday [life] of being a boss woman — going to meetings, making executive decisions, collaborating with great brands like Morphe — continues to inspire me. That’s what I like to channel through my music, because the movement I’m making can help inspire my fans to go make those money moves themselves. I thank Morphe for giving me the opportunity to be the face of such a dope collection because it adds to the Icy brand of being a businesswoman, bossing up and getting that money.

And I’ve been working on all types of new music. I’m hoping to drop something in the next two weeks. I’ve literally been living in the studio. I was missing on the ‘gram for like six days, and my fans were like, “Oh my gosh, are you dead?” I was like, “No girl, I’m recording!” I’ve been super focused and creating mood boards. I feel like with my next album, it will take my career to the next level. I’ve been putting a lot of care and thought into it.

Ever since your debut, fashion and beauty have become integral to your artistry.

It’s important because that’s what makes me a unique businesswoman. It’s beyond artistry, and those things combined can potentially make me a young mogul. And that’s something that I always wanted to be. The women who I aspire to be have their hands in different industries. So when I’m doing my due diligence in fashion, beauty and music, I’m working towards my goal of being a multi-faceted brand.

The Saweetie x Morphe “Backstage With Saweetie” collection will be available for purchase on Morphe’s website and in the brand’s stores on March 20.