Retired Woman Claims Men Keep Mistaking Her Home For a Brothel

A retired woman is sick and tired of anonymous “Johns” showing up on her doorstep, mistaking her house for a brothel.

According to NBC DFW, 66-year-old Elaine White of Plano, Texas, believes her home address was used in an online scam targeting men seeking sex workers.

“Police told me that there are traffic rings going around, and my address may have been used. That it’s on some sex website where nasty old men go and look for sex. They pay Venmo for the services, and then they get my address,” White said.

White has no idea how or why her address was used to lure these men in, but when they arrive, sometimes with beer in tow, they often ask for “Nikki,” “Kelly” or “Rhonda.”

On two occasions, the “Johns” have told her that “Thai Massage of North Dallas” sent them. However, the business doesn’t exist.

White estimates that over the past year, about 25 different men — some local, others who traveled nearly seven hours — have shown up on her doorstep.

White recently installed a Ring doorbell camera, hoping it would deter the anonymous men away. However, it hasn’t worked so far, so she’s begun confronting the men personally.

In one clip shared with NBC 5, a young man can be seen approaching White’s door and asking for a woman named “Rhonda.”

“For drugs or sex?” White asks.

“Um, second one,” he answers.

“Well, you know what? This is a bait house, and you have 10 seconds to get away from it, or the cops are gonna get you. You better hurry,” she warns him, prompting the man to quickly leave.

White has since filed a police report. However, no arrests have been made.

Fed up and frustrated, she now she answers her door with her gun in tow when unexpected visitors show up.

“I have my Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum loaded four-inch barrel next to me,” White told NBC DFW.

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