Raul Midón Gets Topical With "Dancing Off the Edge" (premiere)

“Dancing Off the Edge” is a new standalone single from Raul Midón. The acclaimed singer-songwriter has delivered an appropriately danceable track that proves as soulful and memorable as anything else he’s released. And if it’s the song that sends us to the doomsday dancefloor or gives us a momentary reprieve from the ticking of that clock, then it’s a welcome addition to the Armageddon playlist. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to think of impending gloom when Midón sings or plays his guitar, as he does so beautifully here.

“It began as just an idea I was working on,” Midón says. “It didn’t fit into my normal way of doing things, so I never thought it would see the light of day. The tune is based around self-created four-bar loops rather than being a song composed all the way through and meant to be played live.” He adds that current events were central to the tune’s core and origins. “When the pandemic arrived on our shores, it became clear to me that it would be a long time before I would get to play live again, so why not turn this into something?”

He notes, “Change has hit all of us without our consent, leaving us with a stark choice. We can embrace it or become overwhelmed. This tune represents my attempt to make peace with the uncertainty that has rained down upon us. It became so much more than that when Kathleen [Midón] suggested we make a video. Her idea was to ask fans from all over the world to send video clips of themselves dancing while listening to the song. It transformed the tune into a worldwide dance party, reminding us that we are connected by our humanity, that music is indeed, the rhythm of the universe.”