Post-Punk's TV FACE Rock Out on "Work Hard, Have Fun" (premiere)

TV FACE are a hard-driving post-punk band from Lancaster, UK that channel the genre’s jagged edges and kinetic rhythms alongside intense, punk rock energy. TV FACE have been releasing a new single at the end of each month this year, even as the quarantine dragged on through the months. Their latest song, “Work Hard, Have Fun”, assaults the senses in a good way as the heavy chords and shouted vocals will have you righteously rocking out, even if you’re just sitting in your home workspace trying to stay awake on a Friday afternoon. Let TV FACE give you the jolt of juice you really need.

Work Hard, Have Fun is also their new EP releasing today with three other tracks, including “She Get’s Old” that sounds like a track where members of Buzzcocks, Talking Heads, and Gang of Four got together to jam out.