Pop Career Launcher And Producer Mark Siegel Announces The Release Of Jackie Castro And Jacob Whitesides’s New Singles

Nashville-based pop career launcher and producer Marc Siegel has recently announced the release of two new songs, “Luckiest” by Jackie Castro, and “Hold Me Down” by Jacob Whitesides. The founder of Static Flight Music Group has been widely recognized as one of the most prominent producers in Nashville and LA, where he has helped develop the careers of many artists.  

He has had a close professional relationship with Jackie Castro, which gave birth to the single “Luckiest,” and has toured with Jacob Whitesides all across the United States. His unique approach towards production and artist development is what separates him from most of his peers, and this might also be another factor to explain why he has been so successful at continuing the production work during the quarantine and lockdown. Recorded remotely, “Luckiest” and “Hold Me Down” are audible proof of Siegel’s mastery of the music production within the pop spectrum, one he blends with electronic elements in the most interesting and impactful ways.