Photography + Review: JORDY

Posted: by The Editor

Last week JORDY played a spectacular show opening for Spencer Sutherland’s ‘In His Mania’  tour in Boston. His set was full of energy, crowd interaction, and provided for an overall excellent time. JORDY’s set included fan favorites such as, “ Close to you,”Just Friends” and his heavy hitter mashup of “Absolutely (Story of A Girl)’, “ Story of A Boy”. The audience absolutely loved his performance, cheering loud for him and singing along. You could feel the energy ramping up throughout the whole set as JORDY set the mood just right for Spencer to come on after. He was a perfect opener for Spencer and you do not want to miss a show that JORDY is at. Make sure listen to BOY  his second album, that released on April 21st!


Tara Demers//@badcrystalart