Photography + Review: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

Posted: by The Editor

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib are taking a victory lap to celebrate the ten year anniversary of “Piñata”. What was an easy entry point to modern day hip hop became an immediate classic upon release the soundtrack for many adolescents in 2014. 

The celebration tour of this record made a stop in Boston where Madlib showed off his DJ’ing skills before the duo performed the record. Madlib had no issues hyping up the thousands of fans in the crowd. At the 9:40 mark, the backing band made an entrance and cued for Freddie to join us. Freddie took the stage and immediately showed his gratitude for everyone who came out. After playing through “Scarface” and “Deep”, Gibbs reflected on the past ten years by saying “I feel like I raised all of you. Taught you all how to get money and now look at all of you! You’re all out here doing it”. 

Throughout the night, sentimental dialogue that showcased how much this show meant to Freddie and Madlib was sandwiched between the usual comedic chants always present at a Gibbs show. Freddie got the thousands in attendance to shout “Fuck the Police” along with him multiple times — maybe the cops always standing outside the venue on Lansdowne will finally quit and get a real job!

Wrapping up the night, Freddie made a joke (or maybe a hint?) about the “next anniversary tour, because we got Freddie, Fetti, Bandana… ok I’m just playing”. With the amount of people that showed out for Piñata, we hope these other ones come to fruition too!


Kyle Musser//