Photography + Review: Alkaline Trio and Drug Church

Posted: by The Editor

Alkaline trio is back and stronger than ever. It’s been an odd decade for Alkaline Trio, with frontman Matt Skiba doing double duty for blink-182. With Matt’s departure from blink, Alkaline Trio was ready to awaken the beast again.

Kicking off their show in L.A. were Albany, New York natives, Drug Church. Known for making you want to “push your sister’s boyfriend down the stairs”, Drug Church made everyone start moving. With heavy hitters right from the start such “Avoidarama” and “World Impact”, frontman Patrick Kindlon was encouraging the crowd to keep crowd surfing and put the security guards to work. To give the security guards a break, they announced they’re going to “run it back” and have everyone circle pit to  “Unlicensed Hall Monitor” and “Unlicensed Guidance Counselor”. Before stepping off stage, Patrick gave endless thanks to Alkaline Trio for taking them on tour and dubbed them as “the greatest punk band in history”.

Alkaline Trio promptly took the stage at 9:45 dressed in full suits. They immediately kicked off their set with “Hot for Preacher”, “We’ve Had Enough”, and “Take Lots with Alcohol”. Moving through the set, both new and old songs were thrown into the mix. This tour was in support of their new album, Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs, which they played five tracks from. Sprinkled in between was singles such as “Calling All Skeletons”, “We’ve Had Enough”, and “Mercy Me”. One common sentiment shared by everyone on this tour is how good and on the mark the band still sounds. It seems as if the Alkaline Trio taking a breather for a few years has given them new life, leading to this career defining tour.


Kyle Musser//