People Are Reacting To Tristan Thompson’s “Best Friend” Tribute To Khloé Kardashian

Tristan Thompson’s Khloé Kardashian Tribute Reactions 40th birthday, the 33-year-old NBA player shared a friendly tribute to his ex and mother of two of his children.

For Khloé’s birthday, every famous family member and friend, including her sisters and their mom, Kris Jenner, shared cute tributes to the reality TV star.

Kim Kardashian also posted a heartfelt tribute on the grid honoring her little sister. “Welcome to the fucking 40 club baby!!!!! @khloekardashian,” Kim captioned the post. “I feel like you have been waiting for years to finally be done with your 30’s and the time has now come.”

But, when her ex Tristan went hard on his stories with several posts, people had some thoughts based on his complicated history with Khloé.

“Happy birthday, Khloé,” Tristan began the June 27 Instagram stories over a picture of him, Khloé, and their two children.

He followed up with another photo of Khloé and True, writing, “You are the best mom.”

The photo that caught everyone’s attention, Tristan wrote, “You are my best friend.”

Tristan’s “best friend” tribute to Khloé caught the attention of the internet, and people were not too keen, considering how their relationship played out over the last few years.

“He ruined her and embarrassed her publicly but got the nerve to say that’s his friend. Omg ✊🏾,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Imagine being perfect for a man and he still cheats,” another user suggested.

This Instagram suggested Tristan was doing too much, writing, “‘and my best friend’ boyyyy 😂😂😂😂 just say hbd!!”

“It’s actually more disrespectful to say all of this after everything he has done. Cause then people rehash it. Just text her happy birthday, send some flowers and move in silence,” another user wrote.

“They appreciate you when it’s too late 😩”

“Maybe they’re just ment [sic] to be friends,” someone else wrote.

And finally, this person remained positive, speaking in support of Khloé’s feelings, writing, “She is the definition of a SOLID Woman she did what was in her heart she can live cause she can forgive she is constantly moving forward cause she’s never looking back it takes strength and high sense of self worth @khloekardshian is just SOLID period and that what I love and respect about her❤️.”

Regardless of how the public might feel about Khloé’s relationship with her children’s father, the Good American founder stays upbeat and grateful.

It looks like nobody is raining on Khloé’s parade!