People Are Pointing Out Things That Were Great Back In The Day But Are Really Bad Now, And There Are No Lies Detected


“The internet in general. I used to be able to search Google for a subject and then get a list of reliable websites to read from. Now, it’s 99% crap, ad-ridden sites that all want to sell me shit I don’t need.”


“It really is awful now. Before, it was great to go to a site, instantly click to wherever you wanted to go, and get the information you wanted. Now, it’s between one and four pop-up boxes for cookie tracking, email subscribing, an ad, or adblocker disabling. And then, there’s the ads…ads everywhere. Paywalls left and right. Endless scrolling on tons of sites instead of concise information and well-considered site navigation and layout. To go back to the days when the worst sin of a website was when it autoplayed music, and you had to search around for the mute or pause button…sigh.”