Over-the-Top HGTV Home Show Called ‘Zillow Gone Wild’ Is Coming

Did you ever watch the hit television series 30 Rock? That goofy, fun-loving, innocent to the point of naive character Kenneth was played by Jack McBrayer you know this new HGTV show is going to be even more fun.

Jack has the perfect personality to host this over-the-top new real estate based on the Instagram account @zillowgonewild. I’ve followed it forever it seems like and let me tell you the crazy, unique, are-you-kidding-me real estate the page features is so much fun. Whether it’s a $500,000 home or a $50,000,000 home, Zillow Gone Wild covers any real estate that is most definitely outside the box and rare, bizarre, or mind-boggling.

Throughout the season, Zillow Gone Wild will feature the characters who have embraced non-traditional homes with their distinctive décor and imaginative architecture, as well as reveal the inventive ways to market a unique property. 

From intriguing backstories of not just the homes but the buyers and sellers, according to HGTV, it’s turning the series into a contest, too where you can win $25,000.

Each property will be ranked on attributes such as creativity, commitment to the theme, and unique qualities. During the season finale, HGTV will proclaim one the “wildest” of them all.

According to HGTV, Zillow Gone Wild debuts on Friday, May 3 at 10:30/9:30 central and you can enter for a chance to win the 25 grand by correctly guessing which home will be crowned the Wildest House on June 21 when the eight finalists are unveiled.

HGTV’s Wild and Win Contest will draw a final winner from all the correct entries.

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