Nazanin Shares Her Marvelous Vocals On New Single “Red Light”

NYC-based singer-songwriter Nazanin, of Persian-Jewish descent, has just followed-up on her debut single “Infatuation” with a new release, “Red Light.” She hits the sweet spot like never before with this hypnotic track, stunning the listener on so many levels, whether emotionally or purely musically.  

Nazanin has definitely been destined for a life outside of the ordinary, despite her parents never supporting her on her path towards a career in music. She grew-up in a very conservative Persian-Jewish town on the North Shore of Long Island, and this fact alone might explain her limitless motivation to fulfill her potential and make her dreams a tangible reality.  

She juggles between R&B and Pop, sometimes even incorporating some jazzy tones to support her marvelous vocals. She consistently sounds in control and confident, backed by a special musicality throughout. “Red Light” will most certainly help speed-up Nazanin’s rise in urban culture this year.