Morgan Wallen Slammed for Canceling Show After Losing Voice

Morgan Wallen is being slammed online by his fans after failing to perform his scheduled concert at Ole Miss’ Vaught Hemingway football stadium in Oxford, Miss., Sunday night (April 23).

According to tweets from fans who attended the show, many people had already been at the venue for up to five hours before showtime when a message appeared on the screen on the stage, revealing the concert was canceled.

Allegedly, the show was axed due to Wallen losing his voice.

“After last night’s show, I started losing my voice, so I spent the day resting up, talking to my doctor, and working through my vocal exercises trying to get better. My voice is shot, and I am unable to sing,” Wallen revealed in his Instagram Story following the show’s cancellation.

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The announcement also promised refunds and said that Wallen had “tried everything” he could to make it on stage.

However, in a viral video, an Ole Miss security guard appears to tell an attendee that the cancellation was actually due to Wallen being too drunk to perform.

“He couldn’t walk. Losing his voice? Bullcrap,” the security guard says in the video, adding, “Too drunk, and the ambulance took him off. I swear. We got told by the head of security.”

Online, disappointed fans tweeted angrily about the cancellation, since many had paid a lot of money for tickets, transportation, hotel rooms and babysitters. Plus, many attendees had already spent money on food, drinks and merchandise at the concert before it was canceled just minutes before Wallen was scheduled to go on.

Many argued that the concert should have been canceled earlier in the day instead of last minute considering Wallen already knew he wasn’t feeling well, according to his apology statement.

In a since-deleted tweet, one man claimed he had spent $10,000 to bring his daughter to see Wallen in concert.

“Hey, thank you for canceling during the show. This was my daughter’s Christmas gift. We spent over $10K to make it here for your show and you cancel after the pre-show acts. Dude, so uncool. You suck for this,” the Twitter user wrote.

The man deleted his account after his tweet went viral, with many other users making fun of him for spending so much money on a Morgan Wallen concert.

“Hey @MorganWallen … Thanks for ruining my 10-year-old’s first concert experience after driving 3 hours, paying a butt load to park, and having us sit there 5 hours before cancelling,” another disgruntled parent wrote. Their tweet has also since been removed.

“Morgan Wallen was set to perform in Oxford, MS tonight. The stadium was packed and the stage was all set when this message popped up on the screen. Couldn’t have happened to a better fan base, tbh,” another fan wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

See more fan reactions to Morgan Wallen’s canceled show, below:

Morgan Wallen is no stranger to controversy.

In 2021, he was caught on camera yelling racist slurs in Nashville, Tenn., resulting in his music being temporarily pulled from radio stations.

Wallen also has a reputation for wild nights. In 2020, he was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct after being kicked out of a Nashville bar.

Wallen’s alleged affinity for attending college parties also got him booted from his scheduled musical guest spot on Saturday Night Live in 2020 when he ignored COVID-19 safety precautions and partied ahead of his appearance, endangering the safety of the cast and crew.

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