Man’s Fiancee Hates Engagement Ring: ‘Read Her Completely Wrong’

A man on Reddit was heartbroken after realizing his fiancée hated the engagement ring he picked out, resulting in a ruined proposal.

“I thought I had all the bases covered. We had gone to a store and she picked out several settings she liked. She wanted a natural round diamond as well. The only remaining variable I messed up. I spent months looking for a good deal, and I found one. I got a nice round 3 carat stone,” he wrote.

“I could tell something was off when I proposed, but it wasn’t until tonight that I was able to have a frank conversation about it,” the man continued on Reddit, explaining his fiancée thinks the “stone is too big” and that she might get “mugged” while wearing it.

“She said she’d wear it only for special occasions, which I don’t like much. I read her completely wrong. She likes fancy brands and I thought that would apply to jewelry too,” he added.

Now, the man is considering returning or exchanging the ring for a smaller, “everyday ring.”

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Users in the comments tried to comfort the man, with many suggesting he return the ring and get her a different one.

“Return the ring. Get her what she would be comfortable wearing every day,” one person wrote.

“Return the ring, but she really shouldn’t ream you out — if she did — for picking the wrong size. Sounds like you tried to get it right. My partner held off on proposing for a year in part because he was too anxious about picking a bad ring. This was frustrating, but I also had to put myself in his shoes — and realize how much pressure gets put on guys to make this whole moment a fantasy — and give some grace,” another commented.

“Don’t beat yourself up, it’s hard to choose a ring, especially when people have such different tastes on so many different aspects and the size can be one that is so divided, you’ll have some that want small and dainty/understated (me) and others that want a big rock and a big statement (my sister),” someone else chimed in.

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