Man Hurt After Girlfriend Admits She’s ‘Publicly Ashamed’ of Him

A man on Reddit was devastated after his girlfriend admitted during an argument that she’s “publicly ashamed” of him.

“Since then, I can’t stop thinking about the situation and whether I can continue to be with her. Well, my girlfriend builds up her self-esteem based on her appearance, as well as her partner’s appearance. Such thinking backfires [on] her mainly in social situations such as shopping, dating or parties. At the same time, she always wants her, as well as her partner, to look their best in company, better than the people around them,” the man wrote on the forum.

“So far, this kind of thinking hasn’t bothered me, nevertheless, yesterday, she told me for the first time that I wasn’t providing for her and somehow began to feel ashamed of me,” he continued on Reddit.

The man’s girlfriend also told him she doesn’t “feel the best” when she’s with him.

“She then explained that she had had this in every previous relationship, that she had been ashamed of the appearance of each of her partners, and there were no exceptions. Nevertheless, this did not help me, I continue to feel hurt,” he concluded.

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Users in the comments section tried to comfort the man, with many suggesting he end the relationship.

“The fact that she’s had the exact problem in other relationships tells you all you need to know. This isn’t a YOU problem, it’s a HER problem. You should probably take the same steps as her previous partners and split,” one person wrote.

“When everyone else is the a–hole, you’re the a–hole. Run,” another chimed in.

“Honestly, it sounds like she’s been taught to view the world this way. It reads like trauma. She needs therapy,” someone else commented.

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