Man ‘Freaking Out’ After Finding Childhood Teddy Bear Sitting Up

A man on Reddit has documented an encounter he had with his childhood teddy bear that left him disturbed.

The man began his story by recounting the fact that he had not seen the teddy bear in years. However, he has moved and as he began to unpack, the bear randomly appeared.

“I haven’t seen this bear in years. I believed it was packed away in another box in the basement. We are in the process of unpacking from moving. I have walked by this box of shoes I don’t how many times. I don’t know how many times this morning I have walked by it and I swear no bear,” he said.

The man goes on to say that he has lost some family members over the course of the last three years and that the appearance of the teddy bear could be a sign from them.

“I walked by it a couple of minutes ago and it is just sitting on top just like that. What makes me think that maybe this a message is because we(me, my wife and son) came back from my grandfather’s funeral yesterday. In the last three years I have lost my grandma, mom and grandpa. This could be a message,” the man continued.

“I feel like is my wife had found it she would have said something. To be honest it’s kinda freaking me out,” he concluded.

The bear the man referred to is akin to that of the Snuggle bear from the laundry detergent commercials.

People were quick to react to the man’s story in the comments section of the post. See the bear below.

u/_AMReddits via Reddit

u/_AMReddits via Reddit


“I don’t mean to alarm you, but this bear gets around. I have even personally seen him doing commercials,” one person shared.

“I think it came out to throw a softener sheet in your dryer,” another person said.

“I got this same Snuggle bear when I was 2. I gave it to my daughter when she was born, my ex wife made her donate it to a thrift store after I had kept him for over 20 years…only felt a good vibe from the picture, but, I may be biased,” one other person said.

“Is that the downy bear? Maybe he was doing your laundry! I’m all seriousness, that is pretty creepy!” someone else commented.

“Everybody knows that snuggle is a living breathing teddy, why would this surprise you?” a separate user commented.

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